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Automotive Composites

Retrac Composites have been pioneers in carbon composite chassis technology since the first carbon fibre racecars appeared.

Now these cars are re-appearing for historic competition/demonstration use - where better to have your valuable carbon composite race car recommissioned than at Retrac Composites?

Retrac Composites and its sister company Retrac Productions supply production mould tools (metal and composite) and production components (metal and composite) as well as offering design and R & D services to the automotive industry.

As automotive manufacturers seek to reduce emissions, increase performance, and add strength in critical areas, Retrac Composites are strategically placed to deliver lightweight composite components to replace metal parts.

Why Choose Retrac?

  • Highly Skilled & Experienced

    Retrac Composites strength is its people. From our production staff, through to our top level management team our internal promotion ethos ensures a high level of skills and understanding is retained and grows with our business.

    Retrac Composites have a reassuring staff retention rate with two thirds of our workforce having spent 10 or more years learning the 'Retrac way'.
  • Added Value

    Our project managers serve as an extension of your purchasing department or design team to ensure your finished components inherit the full benefits of our composites knowledge.

    Our client base includes the world's leading F1 teams and aerospace organisations who require a reactive manufacturing partner with a proven track record for delivering quality components and tooling.

    Working with Retrac Composites can offer the following added value:

    • Part of the Retrac Group
    • Project management
    • Tool design solutions
    • Logistical time savings
    • Logistical cost savings
    • Up issue and modification reactivity
    • Problem solving benefits
    • Traceability
  • Precision & Intricacy

    In an industry that demands high levels of intricacy and precision, Retrac Composites routinely work to tolerances of +/- 0.2mm to deliver accuracy where it matters most.
  • Quality & Delivery

    As part of the Retrac Group, Retrac Composites pride ourselves on being part of a single entity manufacturing solution with an outstanding reputation for the quality of our manufacturing.

    Our skilled staff understand the importance of flexibility and overtime working to enable us to achieve the shortest lead times possible. Proven contractual staff are employed during our busier times to extend our capacity.

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