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Hand Trimming, Fitting & Assembly

Most composite components are hand trimmed or finished. Components are manufactured from moulds with scribe lines depicting the edge of the part, details, holes and cut outs. These lines are transferred to components when laminated and cured.

Hand trimming a composite component to a trim line will usually give you a tolerance band of between +/- 0.5mm~0.7mm.

Hand held air compressed tools with diamond coatings or carbide tips are used to cut through the hard cured carbon materials. This trimming is done in our trim shop which is fully extracted and isolated to minimise dust. A large downdraft extractor table is used to draw dust and off cuts away from the trimmer.

The trim shop is fitted with air tools, a large linisher, a band-saw, a Bridgeport and a Bobbin/belt sander.

Jobs are then hand finished with various grits of abrasive paper and wet & dry paper. Hand trimming, although labour driven, can save costly machining procedures were unnecessary. If tooling is designed and manufactured correctly it can negate the need for machining components and minimise the need for hand trimming, so still obtaining tight tolerance requirements. This can save both time and component cost.