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Kit Cutting

Kit cutting has become an integral and essential part of our production process. We take pride in our ability to kit our parts accurately for 100% reproducibility of batch components and for maximum utilisation and economy of materials.

Our CAD suite includes a large digitising board which allows as to reproduce hand configured templates in 2D CAD. This CAD can then be enhanced using our Alphacam digital design software. We are also able to utilise and adapt DXF CAD files. Once the ply by ply templates are completed they are digitally nested for optimisation. Data is then transferred to our Zund L-1200CV Rolling bed kit cutting machine.

Each part in a kit produced is numbered as per the ply sequence it represents. It is cut, bagged, sealed and frozen until required. Every kit produced has a material kit sheet indicating full traceability of materials used.

Kit cutting parts extends manufacturing time on first off parts, but thereafter can reduce both time and cost over subsequent parts.